I am a long time photographer with over 40 years capturing people, places and things! My early days spent using slide film and showing the slides on a Kodak Carousel projector. I am  marketing my landscape images through Flickr and Getty Images and by creating this personal photography blog. Since 2002 I have been exclusivly digital and I have been focused on learning about specific genres of photography. I bought a Canon 7D to capture my kids in action and that has lead Me to try studio portraiture and sports photography. Sports lead me to birds and wildlife but my long interest in unique lighting has brought me back to night photography.  My first night photographs using a tripod and long exposures were on camping trips in the 1980’s. Jump forward 30 years and night landscapes of mine have been getting 1000’s of views on Flickr and National Geographic “your shot”.  I grew up on a farm north of Edmonton and I was luckily able to see the northern lights and all the visible planets from my house. The Calgary Night Photographers group helped light the fire under my long burning desire to capture the night sky and special friendships were formed that were synergistic “the right people, with similar goals and desire to learn”  the 3 Amigos partnership. The loss of Brad Russell as a friend and inspirational guide has been devastating but the seeds of his wisdom are spread far and wide through all of our mutual connections. The 3 Amigos are over however we are now a much larger dynamic force, but the core values are the same: creative research, exploration, dedication, perseverance and supportive. I recently joined Facebook as a way of creating a market for my photography, to my surprise I discovered FB is the way to connect and grow the values of the 3 Amigos.

if you are interested in purchasing a photo please contact me through email either this blog or john.andersen95@yahoo.ca

Hoodoos at East Coulee in Moonlight Geology and Stargazing
Hoodoos at East Coulee in Moonlight
a macro attempt on bubbles
a macro attempt on bubbles